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Christian-Based Clothing Brand

Get to Know Us 

We are a clothing brand whose main objective is to spread the love and word of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Each piece is designed to say something about Jesus. So that we can be a walking Buildboard for Him. It can be hard to share the goodness of Jesus, only because we may not know what to say. As we pray and wait for those words, we can let our Attire speak for us, and bridge the gap.

The Logo 

Lots of meanings can be taken from our logo. The X and O stand for XtraOrdinary. This word sums up our feeling of who God is in our lives. We gave it a new spelling. The Cross and Palm tree signify the sacrifice of Jesus. The palm leaves were used to depict joy and triumph. They were laid on Jesus’ path as He rode in the city on Palm Sunday. The Cross is where He died for us. 

The Image 

XO Logo collection has lots of colors, sweatshirts and hoodies and joggers to complete the set.

Did you notice why most of our photos are taken outside? It’s because we are in the world not of it. We are supposed to walk the earth and share God’s gospel. So, we share our brand in the world where it should be. Out, sharing God’s love. The feel of our brand is supposed to feel like paradise, easy and calm.

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